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New community promo [Jan. 25th, 2012|03:13 pm]
Fanfiction on Tape



Click the banner to come play!

original_audio - the place for originally-produced audio books, short stories, and more!

Listeners - enjoy a variety of recorded fiction and nonfiction
Writers/Narrators/Performers - post your original content or record a favorite piece

[User Picture]From: eve_n_furter
2012-02-06 08:16 pm (UTC)
To promote making of original audiofic, I have made a post to the_slash_pile asking: Audio recordings: authors, permissions and readers wanted. There are already a few offers of fics and readers in the comment-field there, so check it out and join in on the fun! :) And don't forget to post your fics to original_audio afterwards either. ;)
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