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Twilight Podfic Anthology [Jun. 28th, 2013|09:10 pm]
Fanfiction on Tape


Title: PeskyWhistpaw's Twilight Podfic Anthology
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Jacob/Bella, Jacob/Leah, Edward/Rosalie, Leah/Bella, Quil/Angela, Rosalie/Leah, gen
Rating: G-R
Length: 06:44:47 for podbook, a couple hours less for MP3
Link to text version: My LJ Masterlist of Twilight Fics
Summary: So I podficced all of my own Twilight fics over the last year just because. Fics are marked and arranged by pairing.

Download Links Here (m4b + mp3)